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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We planted about 5000 pumpkin seeds (over 10 varieties) starting at the end of May.  We have many choices – traditional orange pumpkins, Cinderella style pumpkins, yellow and white pumpkins, and even a pink fleshed pumpkin (porcelain doll).  Part of the proceeds from the porcelain doll variety will be donated to breast cancer research.

Our Story

We are an outdoor family!  We were so excited when we purchased our farm in Septembeer of 2013 and later in June of 2014 were able to call it our home.  A good friendsuggested we grow pumpkins and here we are now.  We worked cleaning up and clearing the land through the winter-lots of bonfires and hotdog roasting to reward the"crew" after a long day.  This lead to picking up rocks and preparing the fields for planting in the spring.  Summer brought the actual planting process (hand-planting that is).  After work, we'd head down to dig, drop and cover.  Frtom then on, it wasone challenge/excitement after another.  The first sign of germination brought many cheers.  Then we learned what it was really like to be a farmer... rain, pests, fungus, weeds.  Luckily the excitement of the first blooms, the bees at work, and finally some orange pumkins continue to outshine the challenges.  We are so excited to share our project with our friends, family and our community.  We have a 3 acres nature walk.  A petting zoo with goats, cows, pigs, donkeys, a horse and whatever else the girls talk us into before opening day.  We have a 150 ft slide to rid on a sack. there will be face painting and many photo oppurtunities.  You will park by a sunflower garden and rid the hayride down to the pumkin patch.  There is a corn crib for digging and a corn cannon in the back of the field.  Our concession stand will feature seasonal favorites caramel apples, pumpkin bars and our MECCA MIx.  There are activities for everyone to enjoy.

Meet The Team

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